Abortion Pill Reversal Information Act

Abortion Pill Reversal Information Act

H.B. 378

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Introduced in the Ohio House - July 15, 2021


The proposed legislation requires doctors prescribing a Mifepristone chemical abortion to also provide written information informing the patient of scientifically proven abortion reversal procedures in the event she changes her mind.  

The Mifeprex chemical abortion procedure is a two-day regimen used to terminate early pregnancies by blocking the hormone progesterone needed to sustain pregnancy with the first drug, Mifepristone. A second drug, Misoprostol, stimulates uterine contraction to expel the dead baby.  Women who choose chemical abortion and regret it within the first two days of taking the first drug have a chance to save their baby, as long as they have not taken the second drug.  The reversal procedure has been proven to be successful in 64-68% of cases. The procedure involves administering progesterone to the mother, which can reverse the impact of the first drug and allow the baby to continue normal development.

Bill Sponsors

Kyle Koehler 

Ohio State Representative (R)


Sarah Fowler Arthur 

Ohio State Representative (R)

Ohio Right To Life
65 E State Street, Suite 300
Columbus, Ohio 43215

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