Ohio Right to Life’s Statement on Abortion Drug Ruling

DATE: Monday, April 10, 2023     PHONE: 614-547-0099 ext. 304

COLUMBUS, Ohio— Today, Ohio Right to Life released a statement regarding the court decision on Friday, April 7, 2023. U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk ordered a hold of the FDA’s approval of the abortion pill known as Mifepristone. Additionally, a federal court in Washington state ruled on a separate case, granting a preliminary injunction to block any changes in mifepristone in the plaintiff’s states.

Mifepristone is the first pill taken during an abortion pill regimen which starves the baby of the necessary nutrients inside the womb, causing them to pass away. According to the FDA’s reporting, there have been over 4000 adverse effects from taking Mifepristone, including 28 women who have died and 97 undiagnosed ectopic pregnancies.

“We are thankful for Judge Kacsmaryk in Texas for putting a stop to the corruption coming from the FDA and Biden administration,” Ohio Right to Life’s Director of Communications, Elizabeth Marbach, stated. “From the beginning, the FDA has fast-tracked the approval of these dangerous drugs for the sole purpose of politics and convenience, and it is time that we end that. As a young woman carrying a child, I look forward to the day when such rulings are no longer necessary—declaring whether or not human life deserves to be protected.”

Michael Gonidakis, President of Ohio Right to Life, pointed to the likelihood of the United States Supreme Court deciding on the issue to resolve conflicting court judgments. "Our country is in a legal tug-of-war between judicial activism versus upholding the rule of law. The Texas decision demands that the FDA actually follow federal laws and no longer operate based on its own political ideology. The FDA has been stonewalling their legal requirements regarding Mifepristone for 16 years, and finally, the federal judiciary held them accountable.” Continuing, “The Washington decision, in our opinion, orders the FDA to continue to violate federal law and relax safety standards for Mifepristone even more than they already are. With these competing decisions and possibly competing decisions from different federal appeals courts, the United States Supreme Court will be required to have the final say. The foundation of our Nation is built upon the adherence to our laws, and when a federal agency is allowed to pick and choose which laws they follow, our federal courts must hold them accountable."


Founded in 1967, Ohio Right to Life, with more than 35 chapters and local affiliates, is Ohio's oldest and largest grassroots pro-life organization. Recognized as the flagship of the pro-life movement in Ohio, ORTL works through legislation and education to promote and defend innocent human life from conception to natural death.


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