Melissa Jordan

Melissa_JordanVice Chairman

Melissa Jordan believes the right unborn innocent’s have to their own life is clear and absolute. A lifelong supporter of pro-life causes, Melissa has volunteered in many capacities to advance this commonsense, all-important effort. Among these; Melissa worked at the grassroots level by collecting baby and maternity supplies for expectant mothers who ultimately chose life. She helped plan and organize various fundraisers for groups and centers forwarding the cause. Melissa contacts her state and federal legislators regularly with ideas for pro-life legislation, or, to tell them why they should vote the pro-life way on upcoming bills. She believes holding our elected officials accountable to the rights of the unborn is essential to raising public awareness on the topic.

Melissa attends Capital University Law School and is a 2013 J.D. Candidate. Melissa lives in Powell, Ohio with her husband, Kris Jordan. The Jordans attend LifePoint Church Columbus.


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